Finders keepers

The money pit, in this week’s Dadding Badly.

FF – Fotographical Friday: “Drawing with my kid” week: College boy. 

Occasionally, when babysitters don’t work out, I’ll bring my son to my Intro to Drawing class. Here he is drawing a still life along with the rest of the class. He really enjoys it, and the students seem to like the change of pace. 

“Drawing with my kid” week: Double monster. 

My kid described the monster and we each drew our own versions. 

“Drawing with my kid” week: Multi-armed robot. 

I started with the vending machine body and teeny head. My son decided that his feet should be very big and his many arms should have different functions.



“Drawing with my kid” week: Captain Tallhead. 

I drew the superhero; my son drew the “T” and the star (could be mistaken as a flower). 


It’s all about the pronouns, in this week’s Dadding Badly.


Book ’em!

Bigger is better, in this week in Dadding Badly.


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