Just your garden variety Sunday morning – I’m reading a mystery about a dwarf criminologist and my seven-year-old is playing drums to ACDC. It’s practically a Norman Rockwell painting.


Fotographical Friday: My kid’s marker tattoo – skull and crossbone (singular)

Your Sorta-Weekly Dadding Badly Sneak Peek.

It’s coming back soon. Very soon. Scout’s honor.

Your Weekly Dadding Badly Sneak Peek.

Keep believing – it will show up again. Promise.

Fotographical Friday: Batman reads Peanuts.

Fotographical Friday: Splitch

I’ve given up a lot of my toys to my kid. But not this one. (A gift from Chuch Gamble.)

Your Weekly Dadding Badly Sneak Peek

Keep believing – it will show up again. Promise.

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