Square Cow!

We have a lot of hand-me-down toys that we’ve gotten from our friends (for which we are extremely grateful). Square Cow (as we call it) is one of the odder ones.

It is, like its name proclaims, a square cow. But that’s not all. On the opposite end from the cow’s head is a cat head. You heard right, there’s a cat head on the cow’s butt.

Of course, you can also look at it as there being a cow head on the cat’s butt. Both are valid viewpoints.

Regardless, why does it have both a cow and a cat head? The only logical conclusion is that it was created by yoga enthusiasts who wanted children to learn, at a very early age, the joys of “cat cow” position. (This is real yoga thing. Look it up.)

The song came about because when we’d put the boy on his play mat in the kitchen, he’d cry. So I took Square Cow, jingled it (because, like many real cows, it has bells inside), tickled him with it, and sang this made-up-on-the-spot ditty. I’m rather proud of it.

What does the “Ballad of Square Cow” sound like, you ask? I would describe it as “rollicking,” and its flavor is a bit like the theme song from the old TV Western Rawhide. (Which you can hear here.)

Why does Square Cat not have its own theme song? I hadn’t thought about it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never met a cat that I would truly call “rollicking.”


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