Old technology. New hands.

Yes, I own a VCR. What can I say – we still have a lot of videos. (We do have DVDs too. We’re not ludittes.) We actually have two VCRs. One is in the living room and the other is in my studio. The one in the living room is in a cabinet with a rubber band around the knobs (the poor man’s baby proofing) to keep the boy at bay. In the studio there is just a cheapo “entertainment console” – TV goes on top, electronics on the shelf underneath, right at kid height.

When I did the initial baby proofing of my studio, there were a few items that I… I don’t know, hoped would take care of themselves. But the open shelf was just too much temptation. And little hands fit so perfectly in the video slot. Being a jerry-rigger from way back, I got a piece of white wire shelving from Target that I turned on its side to create a cage in front of the Betamax.

As for saying “no,” my thought has been to change the tone of my voice so the boy understands that it means something serious. This is because he doesn’t understand the meaning of that particular word. I was told by someone close* that perhaps my serious tone is a little too “serious.” (I do have a deep voice that can be scary if I turn it on.)  So I’m going to work on that. In my defense, I do go through stages of “no,” actually moving the boy  multiple times, telling him what he should do – as in the recent “you can’t stand on the piano bench” discussions we’ve been having.

*it rhymes with “wife”

2 Responses to “Old technology. New hands.”

  1. 1 Nick Robbins October 29, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Is it really a beta-max?

    • 2 KOVALESKI October 29, 2011 at 10:51 pm

      Naw, I was just being silly.

      Although I had one in the late 80s that I passed on to my parents in the early 90s. We used it as a “tuner” to run cable or an antenna through to make a video monitor into a working TV.

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