I am indeed a first-time dad, as well as a full-time cartoonist and a part-time educator. I live in a small town somewhere in the East with my wonderful, smarter-than-me wife and my adorable, probably-already-smarter-than-me son.

In 2003 my comic strip Bo Nanas was unleashed on an unsuspecting world by the fine folks at The Washington Post Writers Group. In 2006 I became “one of the usual gang of idiots.” In other words, a contributor to MAD Magazine.

In my spare time I practice the ukulele and do the occasional escape-artist trick

You can see more of my work at kovaleski.com

I also have a cartooning blog that you are more than welcome to visit right here.

And you can follow me on Twitter here, if you feel the need

And you can follow me on Twitter, if you’d like.
This Twitter feed is about cartooning (mostly).
This other Twitter feed is about fathering.
Hopefully both are funny.




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  • The Internet didn't pick just any cat as a new Monopoly piece. It was a cat playing piano/eating out of a baby's dish/whistling like a bird. 4 years ago
  • My toddler called me by my first name a couple of times today. Two and a half years into fatherhood and I've officially lost control. 4 years ago
  • Today I picked up my first pair of prescription reading glasses. Tomorrow I'll get my prescription tennis balls for the feet of my walker. 4 years ago
  • This time of year has got me thinking... Parents will name their baby Jesus, but never Bing. #LittleDrummerBoy #OldGuyNextToBowie 4 years ago
  • My wife is the key. I am just a troll doll on the keychain. 4 years ago

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